Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hard at work

While planning for our trip to Paducah, I knew we would have hours and hours of bus riding.  I have to be honest, I was partly looking forward to it as a time removed from all regular responsibilities, just kick back and enjoy the ride.  And that was mostly what it was like, except I didn't realize how foreign that could feel!  It's hard to describe, but I felt sort of discombobulated without having to pay attention to driving, directions, gas, food stops, etc.  I wonder if that is sort of what it feels like to be behind bars--no control over anything!  Well, we had it much better than a cell, that's for sure!  The bus was comfy, not full so we had space to move about and spread out, new people to meet and talk to.  I also was really looking forward to the chance to just work on a project without feeling even a little bit pressured to do something around the house, sew or write a pattern, figure out a quilting design, empty the dishwasher, answer the phone, get ready for work, etc.  So here's what I worked on:
learning to knit 2 socks at once on 2 circulars--

hand applique for a block that will become the centerpiece of a group project--

Not being very experienced at hand applique, I am very happy with how it is coming along, considering I was bouncing around in the back of the bus while trying to keep that slippery silk thread in a needle and take little stitches and not spill all my little pieces all over the floor!  I had prepped the pieces all before I left home, using heat-resistant template plastic, liquid starch, and travel iron.  It still needs a basket, more leaves and little circles.  It's a pattern I got from the Quilt Show when I was a member last year, each month was a different applique block and this is just one of them.
Now off to work on a little experiment--if it turns out you will hear about it!

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Jan said...

Your applique looks beautiful! And does this method of knitting mean that both socks will be the same size? Or is there still no guarantee? Apparently you weren't bothered by motion sickness--I'm happy 'bout that!