Tuesday, April 14, 2009

never enough scissors!

I saw another blogpost about the scissors we collect, and it made me curious about what I might find if I took a good look around my own house.  Well, I should never have to look far for a pair!  I counted 40--which is about double what I guessed I might find before I started the gathering.  How many can you find in your place?  This might get complicated for those of you who have more than one abode, but I will let you figure that out on your own!
I am embarking on another new sock venture, this time learning to do a twofer with the help of the book I purchased in June Lake during vacation last month, at the Sierra Cotton and Wool shop.  A shout out to the Monday night Get Lit and Knit group!  So far going OK with the new technique, a little tangled at times but progressing.  Maybe for the first time I will make a pair of socks that are the same size!  I'm not one to count the rows of sock #1 so that sock #2 will be the same length, I just sort of lay one on top of the other and see if they are close to the same length.   It works for me, sometimes better than others!
I'm counting down the days to Paducah!  If you are a quilter, you probably know that the annual show and festival in Paducah, KY, is sort of like going to mecca.  Well, it has been a personal goal of mine to experience this, and next Monday I will embark on the pilgrimage with my trusty travel companions, Nancy and Leisl.  We are 3 Paducah virgins, ready and willing to sacrifice our credit cards on the alter of the American Quilters' Society!  Stay tuned!


Bethany said...

LOL about the scissors. I have 8 that I could find.

MissesStitches said...

Forty pairs of scissors!!?? That is unbelievable, sis! Really. Stop!!! Although it did look in the photo like some of them are surgical-type tools, but anyway..... I'll have to count mine, but probably only about 6. Do you count little thread snips? //I'm so jealous about you going to Paducah. Someday..... Have a really great time. I want to go to Houston, too.

MissesStitches said...

OK, I had to count them up. I have 13 pairs of scissors in this house, and that includes the yucky paper cutting scissors. But I also have 13 pairs (isn't that uncanny?) of those decorative-edge paper scissors. I assume you're not counting my 4 rotary cutters, and my 3 paper cutters. BTW, I only have 3 pairs at my other apartment. Also, kudos on your artistic arrangement of all your scissors!

Dan Hansen said...

How on earth do you have that many pairs of scissors?