Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are whooped!

Up and at 'em again early this AM, well, sort of early, and departing the hotel at 7.  Arriving Paducah shortly before noon, and checked into our hotel.  Our 3some occupied the back of the bus, and somehow we usually manage to be the last ones to board, even though we are on time, we just can't get ahead of the rest of these gals!  Quite a bit bouncier on the road today, but I still got some applique stitched in place without too much trouble.  We noticed hight rivers, flowering shrubs and dogwood blossoms, and lots of broken tree branches in Paducah from a recent ice storm.  No ice today, no way!  It was sunny and mild, still windy, until this evening.
We are primed and ready to go with our matching little wallet/bags, a gift from Leisl and very handy.  Allows both hands to be free to admire and examine the many wondrous quilting and sewing goodies.  

This evening we went into the show floor for a preview, and we were amazed by the beautiful quilts on display.  The workmanship is awesome, and hard to imagine the time and skill involved in making some of them.  Can't show you any photos, against the rules to display them here for you, sorry!
Cool findings for today--a new ruler/template for making the Hunter's Star blocks, a textile product sort of like shrinky-dink for fabric, minkee on sale, and a few choice patterns.  Now very weary and ready for a good night's sleep.  Stay tuned for more...

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