Saturday, April 11, 2009

weekend warriors

We are starting out our weekend with an industrious feeling, Bob prepared to cut down some trees and myself bound for the basement and running my machine!   Bob's friend, Dana, is coming over to help him (thank you for not expecting me to be a lumberjack today!) and they are planning to take down 4 dead trees on the north side of our driveway.  They are kind of on the property borderline, so they might actually be on our neighbor's yard, but he is OK with this because they can't fall that direction without hitting lines and other trees.  We have lost many,many oak trees from our property to oak wilt, so over the years Bob always has more to work on.  And he has learned to do it safely, has had a few problems with directing the fall, but no injuries to himself and very few to property!  
As for my quilting, I, too, plan to avoid injury!  I am working on the 3rd in a row for Stacy West, designer of Buttermilk Basin, as she is putting together new patterns to be released at Quilt Market in May.  These are all Christmas designs, kind of retro looking, in the size of wallhangings.  So I am wanting to get those done and back to her for finishing, can't wait to see them on the market!  And I have a beautiful baby quilt to get quilted for Debbie, plus one of my own, and no, we are not having a baby boom, we just want to get a display of baby quilts up in 
the store soon!  This is the baby size of my Chill Pill pattern.

These pictures show a couple things I was working on at my 2 recent retreats.  The first I showed you a little of before, this shows more of the blocks done and even though they aren't really arranged carefully, you get an idea of what I am doing.

This next picture shows something I have been working on with the intent to publish a new pattern.  It uses an acrylic template set to cut hexagons and diamonds, this is a size that could make a tablerunner.  I am also just about finished making the hexagons into a child's quilt, using 108 different prints in the blocks to make it a story quilt, or in the style of "I Spy" quilts.  

So now I better get moving and on with the day!

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