Wednesday, July 21, 2010

awww--so nice

I was checking for updates on other blogs a couple days ago (I also just figured out how to get email notices automatically for updates, how cool is that!) and looked in on Buttermilk Basin. Lo and behold, she had written the nicest things about me! Especially good to know that I have mastered being able to not give "the look"!
Stacy, the cream of the crop at Buttermilk Basin, has a long history of great craftiness. I am always amazed at not only her designs for wool, embroidery, punch needle, quilting, etc, but also her fabulous displays. She can really put it together with just the right props to carry out a theme. After working at the store and sharing responsibility for displays, I have come to appreciate that it really takes a knack to present a vignette that looks pleasing and shows off the product nicely. Stacy pulls together odds and ends, making it look so easy. I have had a glimpse of her storeroom(s), and she definitely has plenty of raw material to work with! That girl can really collect stuff! Anyway, I feel honored to be able to quilt some of her creations, and get a little private thrill from seeing my stitches on her pattern covers that go all over.

In other news, I finished my latest selvage project, nothing wild and crazy, just a redo of my own pattern, Going Sewing. This time with brighter coordinates. Makes a very convenient little packet for my travel project. And speaking of travel, it is time for me to sign off and go pack my suitcase--leaving for San Francisco in the AM! Can't wait to see my loved ones out there! I will be taking pictures, so if it works out I will show you what we are doing out there!

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