Saturday, July 24, 2010

the city by the bay

We are spending a few days in the lovely city of San Francisco, visiting family here. This city has been the home of my sister, Jan, with her husband, Dennis and children Serra and Scott. And they are part of the reason my own kids have migrated to California, but that is a long story, won't bore you with the details. Jan and Dennis spend part of their time in their home right in the heart of the city, since they need too be close to their Giants during baseball season. So we are bunking with them, and spending time together with our offspring. Getting ready to cheer on Brita, Ben and Molly in the SanFrancisco Marathon tomorrow AM, and sightseeing. The picture above was taken in Sausalito. Then we went to a beautiful resort/lodge, Cavallo Point, near the base of the bridge for a beverage stop. We had not been in this area on the north side of the Golden Gate before.
Molly, Brita, Jan and I spent some time in Golden Gate Park, admiring this great urban green space.
Bob, Dan and I hung out in Union Square for awhile, one of the best places to people watch that you will ever find.
Bob and I walked over to the Ferry Building this morning to browse the farmer's market there, it was very hard to resist the temptation of buying a bunch of beautiful fresh produce. Don't these colorful peppers look great?
Went to the Museum of Modern Art this was one of the paintings that both Jan and I saw separately and concluded would make a good quilt idea, it is all squares, kind of pixellated, to construct a portrait. It is by Chuck Close.
Now taking it easy for a bit, working on a few little hand sewing project. I have completed 3 of those hexagons, a picture will be coming soon. This is such a fun city to visit, especially with family here that know how to get around. Tomorrow will be an exciting and fun day, we are so amazed by the training and discipline that these runners have! We have scoped out some areas to follow the runners and cheer our team on. And, of course, stand in awe at the finish line!


MissesStitches said...

So much fun to have you here, SisterStitches!!

Daniel said...

Wish I was still there.