Sunday, July 11, 2010

guess who's coming to dinner

We are preparing for a houseguest, due to arrive tomorrow morning. We have some special things on hand for her:
Miss Gracie is in for the ride of her life tonight! She's hopping on a jet plane to come to us from San Francisco, and all her human subjects are hoping she doesn't freak out along the way! Her care package arrived yesterday so she has toys and treats and a familiar britashirt to snuggle. And some kind of fancy schmancy catfood, she's probably become a vegan after living out there in CA a few years, don't ya know! I rediscovered the pet aisle, well now it's the pet kingdom, at Target yesterday to lay in a few supplies myself. I wonder if she knows she actually is coming back to her homeland, she started life as a stray found in an abandoned house in Minneapolis. We will probably have a few days of attitude going on here, but I bet she will enjoy having a whole house to roam again. It's been almost 9 years since we had a cat in the house, so it will be interesting! I think we're ready. Welcome back to MN, Gracie!


Brita said...

So glad the package made it there! And with your additions she will be more spoiled than ever! We are getting her all geared up on our end for the big journey. Let's pray for a good safe flight tonight.

Daniel said...

It looks like Gracie eats better than I do.