Saturday, July 17, 2010

stirred up weather

Just came up from the basement where Gracie and I spent about an hour waiting out severe storm and tornado warnings. I was out on the front porch reveling in the lightning and thunder when the tornado sirens started, so I thought it wise to batten down the hatches. Could not get the cat to go in her carrier so I could keep her with me downstairs, so I had to lure her into the basement bathroom with treats and shut the door on her! I had this picture in my mind of the house blowing away and not being able to find her. Forget the house, it's all about the cat. Brita said she liked her carrier before her trip but her flight must have changed her opinion. Really strong winds and heavy rain here, tornados in the county but not on my street! Whew!
Had a fun day at the quilt shop today, quite busy with customers and projects, just like it should be! Had a busy day on my longarm yesterday and stitched up this one for Nancy--
It was made of all kinds and colors of homespun plaids, and had a dark red Minkee back, which is like a plush fabric that is very soft. The quilting on that comes out looking kind of sculpted, really nice with the texture. Not sure if you can appreciate it from this picture, you might have to just take my word for it! If you haven't already sewn or quilted with this fabric, I encourage you to give it a try, it is fun for something a little out of the ordinary.
Working on writing the directions for my new pattern, taking it slowly to make sure it is right the first time. It will be good to get it done and printed. I have decided it is named Star Light, which doesn't rhyme, unless you finish the thought with Star Bright. I'm happy with Star Light and will leave the rest to imagination! Thanks for the suggestions!

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