Wednesday, July 14, 2010

odds 'n ends

1. Getting used to having a cat in the house again, and she is getting used to us, I guess. So far, so good.
2. Finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. Pass the kleenex.
3. Stitched up a little quilt to donate to Quilts for Kids from the Disappearing 9-Patch pattern, also blogged here. This is mostly fabric from Thora Lee's de-stashing sale. This took me exactly 2 hours to choose fabric, cut, sew it all, then another hour to quilt. That's good!
4. I got into the selvages again...
5. It was nasty hot and humid today.
6. Got to see the movie of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo and really liked it--listening to the Swedish was fun! I could even understand parts of it without following the subtitles! I listened to the recorded book earlier and was intrigued. Now waiting for the second book in the series.
7. Finished my new quilt and working on writing the directions. Still not 100% sure on the title. Any suggestions? I really want something that rhymes, but not coming up with anything brilliant yet.


Anonymous said...

Star Light, Star Bright

MissesStitches said...

That disappearing 9-patch pattern rocks, doesn't it! It's so quick and easy. And fun! What are you going to make out of your selvages?

Anonymous said...


Pam said...

Jan, you will just have to be patient a few more days and then you will find out about the selvages, OK?