Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finished Quilts are Wonderful!

What a good feeling to finish the last stitch on binding! These 2 quilts hit the mark yesterday. The little quilt is for a baby, and I know it doesn't look very babyish, but this is for a contemporary baby! It will go in the mail to Colorado real soon, and was made in green and brown to match the nursery decor. The other large quilt is the Carry Nation quilt by Kay England, part of a series dedicated to women of the past. Carry Nation (yes, that is the correct spelling) was famous as member of the Women's Christian Temperence Union, devoted to abolishing alcohol. Some of her rules to live by: To live long, walk past twenty saloons a day. If you must pour liquor, pour it down the sewer. Don't chew tobacco unless you prefer to take your food predigested after forty. Words of wisdom, indeed! Although piecing all those little squares nearly drove me to drink, which would not make Carry very happy.