Monday, April 28, 2008

too pretty to walk on!

At a March retreat, Nancy and I experimented with making floormats from fabric, artist's canvas and lots of mod podge.This is how mine turned out, using up a bunch of scraps and what seemed like a bucket of mod podge! I like it and really do walk on it every day. It's not the soft kind of rug that feels good to the toes, but a utilitarian and yet decorative rug. It is finished off with some acrylic varnish and wax which gives it that shine that reflects the flash so nicely. Nancy's turned out quite differently, she used an applique folkart flower design on a smaller size, and it worked out well, too. We might be able to teach this in some way at a future retreat, but it takes several days to allow for drying of the coats. Maybe a small project to start out with, even coasters or something like that. Will have to see.
Finished Brita's socks, and just in time since she is coming for a visit this weekend. And I started in on a new pair with Plymouth Yarn Sara Superwash wool, worsted weight in a nice tweedy tan color. Nancy found this yarn for me when she was on a shopping trip in Wisconsin and now I realize I haven't paid her for it! Maybe I can pay her in socks! Maybe that's why she brought me 4 skeins, which is definitely more than I need for 1 pair!

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