Tuesday, April 29, 2008

green leaves II

This is the same branch that I posted in a picture about a week ago with nearly the same appearance. We have had a week of abnormally cold weather, temps still down in the 30's at night and even snow! So the leaves are not busting out all over. There is a faint haze of green through the trees and brush, all it would take is a couple hot days and our neighbors would be invisible again.
Enjoyed dinner at Ursula's Wine Bar tonight with Debbie,Nancy and Gail. Good wine, good food, and the best company. Tuesday nights they have wine specials, so we like to go then. A very comfortable little restaurant. While dining, we watched across the street as the line grew at the Cup and Cone, longtime famous local ice cream stand. Even in the chilly air, folks were lined up 10 or more deep! Everyone is glad to see it reopen after the winter closing.

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