Friday, January 23, 2009

one less quilt on the racks!

I have this system of organizing the quilt tops that people bring to me to be quilted, I hang them on hangers on a clothing rack in the order to be done.  Right now I am a little concerned that they are getting too heavy for the rack!  That kind of indicates my level of keeping-caught-upedness!  I would not rate myself high right now!  But some of that is due to a couple people who shall remain nameless that bring 'em by the bagfull, and I mean extra large bags, and don't care when they get done.  So I filter them in between those other folks who are in the queue.  And that also doesn't count my own stack of tops accumulated.  So I could pretty much just stay home for a long time and maybe get to the end of the row, but go crazy during that time because I have to occasionally talk to real people.  Anyway, I did complete this pretty little baby quilt so I can show that to you!  
I'm pretty pumped up this morning because I am soon leaving on vacation!  Sorry, Bob, this one's not for you!  Instead, I am joining friends Nancy, Leisl and Debbie for a week at a townhouse we have reserved at Causeway on Gull, near Nisswa, north of Brainerd.  We are hauling our trailer full of sewing, knitting, and food supplies (and a bottle of wine or 2) northward today, returning next Saturday.  I will try to be the photojournalist and post here when I can get hooked up online, since there isn't internet service in our unit I will have to fit it in when I can.  So I need to get moving to finish up my business here and squash my suitcase shut!  

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