Thursday, January 15, 2009

warming trend

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to notice a significant warming trend!  Never mind that it still didn't get into positive digits!  -14 is so much better than -24, if only in my frozen brain cells.  So today I'm looking at trouble, because it's -22 at 9AM, which is probably about the peak for the day!  Poor Bob had to go to work today, I am lucky enough to be able to work at home today.  He even started the fire and filled the woodbox before he left.  Our garage door is angry about the cold, it won't close without a helping hand, literally.  I have to hang on and push to help the motor get it down, otherwise it only closes a bit and then reverses back up.  I think it's trying to tell us that we should just stay inside!

Now, for another topic, remember all those Christmas calories?  I'm having flashbacks to these trays of goodies while trying to remain firm with my plan to eat more healthily and get back into a comfortable fit for my jeans!  I think I better go look at a head of lettuce!

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