Saturday, January 3, 2009

An ordinary day

My felted hat experiment turned out OK, modeled by my mom!  I felted it twice in my own machine (front loader) and I think my mom washed it twice in her own machine (top loader) to get it to fit.  I used Paton's classic wool, double stranded.  It was a free pattern on Ravelry, by the way, if you aren't familiar with Ravelry you need to explore it.  I really wish there was a quilter's equivalent.
Worked on sewing my new blocks for the Block of the Month quilt for Bear Patch, it is a very pretty group of fabric and the blocks are coming together well.  I am hoping that possibly I will have it together by Monday, though not quilted.  At least it can be on display until I get it on my machine.  I have another sort of practice quilt on the frame right now, something I put together from flannel scraps a few years back but never finished.  I am practicing how to do an all-over freehand feather design, trying to add a new skill.  It's not coming quickly!
Bob did me a very big favor today and installed some new lighting above my longarm machine and table.  We had thought to just add 4' onto the existing 8' track lighting, pop in a couple new fixtures, and voila!  However, the existing track didn't mesh with the new track, so Bob ended up going back to Home Depot for more track and replacing the old.  The old fixtures do work on the new track luckily.  And there are worse things than a guy making 2 trips to Home Depot in one day!  So now I have improved lighting for the length of the 14' table, which I greatly appreciate.

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