Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The things we do!

Besides cooking up some good meals and appetizers and sampling wines, we do manage to get a few things done during our wonderful days here.   We had a little car trouble due to the sub-zero nights, but Leisl got that fixed up and haven't had any new problems, except the DVD player went haywire so had to get that replaced because we definitely have some movies to watch.  Today we are in Brainerd to do a little shopping and have lunch out, but we couldn't drag Leisl out of the condo so we had to carry on without her.  Found some really good stores full of furnishing and decorating ideas, good yarn, fresh M&M's, and I even uncovered a new coat!  Our sewing and quilting are going well, a few things being added to our list of accomplishments, and many, many laughs.  We are very comfortable in our surroundings and with each other, so it is a joy to be together.  Some things we are working on:

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