Monday, January 26, 2009

We've only just begun!

How nice is it when you get to have a whole week of vacation and wake up and remember that it's not over yet!  We arrived at our destination Saturday afternoon after stopping at 2 quilt shops in Brainerd and lunch, then began The Great Unloading Event in which we made about 50 trips between trailer and condo to carry everything inside.  When the person checking me in at the desk said that no trailers were allowed in the condo parking area, I did stay very calm while stating that we would most definitely be driving our trailer to our unit to be unloaded, unless she was planning to personally haul all our our precious cargo to the doorstep herself!  Silly girl!  So we got that all taken care of and thawed out, inspecting our frozen goods and finding only a couple leaking bottles and cans to be discarded.   We had had such a good plan to keep everything in the trailer inside Nancy's heated garage for Friday night, but alas, the garage door acted up and must have re-opened after we shut it for the night, because we can all 4 swear that it was shut.  So it was 0 degrees in the garage and we heated the neighborhood for the night!  Anyway, the casualties were minimal, unless we count the cans of paint and stuff on the garage shelves.  
So we have been totally relaxing, enjoying our time together, and getting some quality sewing time.  This is the living room area right after we got done unloading stuff and then got our tables all arranged.

This is the view of our sewing room from the skycam:

One of our very important projects involves rubber gloves and ruffles:

And much more to come...

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