Saturday, January 17, 2009

We are out of the deep freeze!

From yesterday morning's -32 to today's +22, things are really looking up!  And this afternoon I made a trip out to the J store and it appears that every other person in the county had the same idea, the lines were longer than I've seen them for the after-Christmas sale!  All those crafters were holed up until the temperature rose above zero, and they all converged on the store at once!  I picked up my 2 measly skeins of yarn, Soy Wool Stripes, to use in making the Inside Outside scarf which I hope to start soon.  I spent my morning working on quilting a little baby quilt that Nancy made from my Hocus Pocus pattern, it's not your typical baby quilt but I like it!  I just finished this quilt that was a bunch of flannel scraps that I pieced together a long time ago.  I wanted to work on something as a practice piece for making freehand feather designs to cover the entire top.  It was very good practice and I learned a thing or two.

Celebrating a big day for Brita today!  My little girl is 29!  Here's to you:

You are the best!

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