Friday, January 23, 2009

We have begun...

First, you see I am wearing my Ashley shirt--you go girl!
So we met up at Leisl's house about 10:30 or 11 this morning, got the trailer loaded up, thanks to Bob and Greg for helping with the heavy lifting!  Took off for Nancy's house (Grey Eagle land) and arrived without any major problems other than when we got gas the pump didn't shut off so we left a little pool of precious fuel on the tarmack.  We are now back home from dinner and drinks at the Hub, and a chance to meet some more of Nancy's family.

Nancy thinks she looks like a puffball in this picture, so her new traveling name is Puff Momma!  She didn't like the ones we picked for her last summer on our trip, they seemed to all have something to do with her desire to shop!  
And Leisl claims the honors for first finished project for the baby quilts she is sending to a friend tomorrow morning---
Winnie the Pooh in all his glory!

So now we are settling down for a little movie watching, and undoubtably we will all be asleep soon!  Have to get rested up for phase 2 of our trip tomorrow.  Nancy and Debbie are putting the finishing touches on something gourmet for us to enjoy, thank goodness, because otherwise we would starve for sure!

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